Divorce discussion: The startling numbers on domestic violence in the United States

Over the years of helping clients through divorce proceedings, Kersh Law Firm has seen a disturbing number of cases wherein domestic violence played a big role. To spread awareness about this horrible reality, the firm is devoting this blog to share startling statistics on domestic violence in the United States.

• More women ages 15 to 44 in the U.S. are injured from incidents of domestic violence than in muggings, rapes, and road accidents combined.

• Over 1,500 centers and shelters have been built all over the U.S. to give battered women counseling and a place to stay.

• On an average, around 3.5 million women in the U.S. are abused yearly by the men in their homes.

• It is estimated that every 15 seconds in the U.S., a woman experiences some form of domestic violence or abuse.

• A study shows that one out of every four women in the U.S. will be a victim of domestic violence at least once.

• It is estimated that 8 out of 10 victims of domestic violence in the U.S. are women, …

Why do second marriages often end in divorce?

Divorce has become a staple part of the American culture that the idea no longer surprises people. While there are people who legitimately need a divorce, like abused women or abandoned husbands, there are still people who jump the gun and marry too early. However, even long years of marriage can still end in divorce. Lawyers from Kersh Law Firm claim that divorcees often bounce back and look for another partner as soon as the process ends. This often leads to more mistakes, which end in a second divorce.

There are a lot of pitfalls which can lead to a second divorce. One such pitfall is starting a relationship before the first divorce is even finalized. This can bring up trust issues later on for both parties. And, since there will still be a lot of communication between the two former partners, pent-up feelings for the other could be released on the new partner.

Some mistakes are simply made out of haste. People who divorce late in their lives tend to quickly seek out a new partner …

Common mistakes made after a divorce

Divorces are often the result of mistakes made during a marriage. While it’s true that there’s no perfect relationship, there are some wrongdoings that some people feel are beyond forgiveness. When this happens, divorce is almost inevitable. And while divorce is in itself an arduous process, it shouldn’t keep you from preparing for what’s ahead after the divorce. According to divorce lawyers at Kersh Law Firm, a lot of people make these particular mistakes after a divorce.

Forgetting to update their estate plan

Divorce doesn’t automatically remove your former spouse from other legally binding contracts like your estate plan. Keep in mind that this isn’t just about your last will. This also affects your retirement accounts and life insurance policies. At the same time, review all the joint accounts you have made if not yet handled prior to the divorce.

Dating/marrying too soon

Jumping back into the dating pool too soon after a divorce can be disastrous, especially if you’ve been married …

How does the court calculate spousal support?

Spousal support, formerly known as alimony, is financial support given by a divorcee to their partner who will encounter financial difficulties as a result of the divorce. This is different from child support, which is given to the parent who claims custody over their children after a divorce. According to divorce lawyers at Kersh Law Firm, spousal support is not mandatory in most states. However, it can be ordered by a judge in certain situations. But how does a judge calculate spousal support?
Before an amount is calculated, several criteria have to be met by the couple in order to come up with an amount. The two primary criteria that the court looks at when considering spousal support are as follows: the duration of the marriage and the employment status of both divorcees.

If the marriage didn’t last for more than two years or if both individuals are self-sufficient and are earning enough, it is possible that spousal support won’t be ordered. These stipulations, among many others, …

Legal reasons why people file for divorce

There is a multitude of reasons why couples get a divorce. However, some reasons are more valid according to the rule of law compared to other reasons. Why is this important? Divorce is a legal proceeding with the goal of separating married individuals in the fairest means possible. If the reason one chooses to divorce their spouse does not register as a legal ground for divorce, the result might not be favorable for them. Kersh Law Firm discusses some legal reasons for divorce. Keep in mind that these do not include other forms of criminal charges like physical abuse.

Adultery: Cheating on a spouse is a very common reason for divorce. This occurs when a married man or a woman is tempted to seek an emotional or physical relationship with another person other than their spouse.

Desertion: When a spouse decides to leave their significant other altogether and to discontinue supporting them, that becomes legal grounds for divorce. While there is no legal timeframe to which desertion can be…

How divorce affects the life of a person

Houston-based Kersh Law Firm offers and provides legal counsel and representation on matters surrounding family law. Over the past months, the firm has taken things a step further and has through its series of blogs, educated and informed the public regarding family law.

This blog centers around the reality people face after a divorce and the many changes they will experience. After all, Kersh Law Firm notes that during every divorce proceeding, the goal of both sides is the best possible outcome as far as lifestyles are concerned.

With that in mind, it’s paramount that a person who is about to go through a divorce knows what kind of life they want after. This will serve as their main goal. This goal should be realistic above everything else, taking into consideration the assets and the most probable scenario with the settlement.

The fact of the matter is, in divorce as with many things in life, planning for a certain future lifestyle will be centered around money. After the assets ar…

Some advice when going through a divorce negotiation

With the costs of going to court have gone up significantly, it has become extremely difficult to get legal aid for divorce litigation cases. This translates to more and more people having to focus on negotiating their divorce more, something that can prove very tricky. Herewith are some tips to keep in mind as you and your ex-spouse discuss with a mediation lawyer, courtesy of Texas-based legal practice Kersh Law Firm.

First, stay calm and keep control of your emotions. It begins with knowing the things that trigger any negative reaction on your part, especially sensitive points of disagreements you and your ex have. Identify them and practice keeping calm when you think about them.

Be very clear and specific about what you want but have that mindset of quiet acceptance that you will not get everything you expect. Any successful settlement must work for both parties, so find alternative ideas and options instead of being narrowly focused on one. This comes with communicating effecti…